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Practice-led innovation supported by science and market-driven actors in the laying hen and other livestock sectors

HORIZON 2020 ISIB-02-2014 project, Grant no. 652638



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For information or questions about the project contact:


Project Administrator: Paula Baker email: p.e.baker(at)

Project Office: School of Veterinary Sciences,

University of Bristol, Langford House,

Langford, Bristol, BS40 5DU








Hennovation website is the website of the Hennovation project a European research project funded under HORIZON 2020 ISIB-02-2014, Grant no. 65263. Seven institutes and universities, representing five European countries, participate in this integrated research project.

The text in this website represent the authors' views and does not necessarily represent a position of the European Commission who will not be liable for the use made of such information.


Website Editors: Paula Baker & Lisa van Dijk



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