Work packages


Practice-led innovation supported by science and market-driven actors in the laying hen and other livestock sectors

HORIZON 2020 ISIB-02-2014 project, Grant no. 652638


Work packages

The project is implemented through five Work Packages (WPs).

Work Package 1 focuses on overall project management to ensure the quality of project deliverables within the constraints of timeframe and budget. Work Packages 2 and 3 form the core activities of the project, in which existing and emergent practice-driven innovation networks are developed and the technical and economic viability of on-farm or off-farm practice-driven solutions are assessed and tested based on innovation needs of the networks in two specific areas: the reduction of Injurious Pecking in egg-laying flocks (WP 2) and the sustainable after-use of end-of-lay hens (WP 3).

The innovation process in WP2 and WP 3 is supported by WP 4. The activities in this work package enhance communication and interaction between the actors with a view to increasing the competence and capacity of the actors supporting the innovation networks - in particular the advisory services. Activities include the development of network communication infrastructure and an e-learning course for advisory services. WP 5 focuses on increasing the impact of project outcomes and activities in this WP aim to disseminate results of practice-driven innovation to others facing the same challenge amongst the European laying hen industry as well as to interested parties in other livestock sectors and policy makers.