Advisory Board

Practice-led innovation supported by science and market-driven actors in the laying hen and other livestock sectors

HORIZON 2020 ISIB-02-2014 project, Grant no. 652638

Hennovation Project Advisory Board

The Hennovation project relied on the support and expertise of a high level Project Advisory Board (PAB). This Board was established to provide strategic guidance and support to the project and assess the project’s innovation content both in process and methodology to ensure Hennovation achieves its objectives. The Board allowes wider stakeholder input into the project and ensures transparency and relevance of the work to the sector.

The Board’s role in the project was to:

  • Inform and ensure collaboration with wider stakeholders in the project about the progress of the work and serve as a link to enable them to provide input to the PMC.
  • Review project strategy, progress and the main deliverables to ensure highest quality.

Current members' names and the organisations they represent were:

  • Harry Blokhuis: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (PAB Chairman)
  • Mia Fernyhough: Eurogroup for Animals 
  • Lotta Berg: Federation of Veterinarians of Europe 
  • Philip Crawley: COPA-COGECA
  • María del Mar Fernández  Spanish Association of Egg Producers (ASEPRHU)
  • Patrik Hom-Thisner : McDonald's Sweden
  • Alex Spieker: (Avined) Steering Group Dutch research on mutilations in poultry–
  • Mark Williams: British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) / EUWE
  • Cees Vermeer: Association of Poultry Processors and Poultry Trade in the EU countries (AVEC)