April 2016

Practice-led innovation supported by science and market-driven actors in the laying hen and other livestock sectors

HORIZON 2020 ISIB-02-2014 project, Grant no. 652638


April   2016 :  Launch of the HenHub

Have a look at www.HenHub.eu!

Knowledge is the basis for an innovation process. So when working on innovations to prevent or reduce feather pecking or to optimize the transport and management of end-of-lay hens, it is good to know what has already been developed and what information is available. This comprises both successes and failures, as from failures we can also learn how to improve. On both topics mentioned above there is a lot of information available, from scientific research as well as practical experiences. However, the majority of this knowledge is difficult to find and especially scientific studies are not easily accessible to the industry.

To overcome this challenge the Hennovation project developed a knowledge base, the HenHub www.HenHub.eu, in which all relevant information is included. The HenHub is designed as an interactive wiki, not only providing information, but also enabling people to share knowledge with others. The use of a wiki structure allows easy accessibility and the opportunity for advisors, industry and producers to comment on the information available and add their knowledge and experience thereby integrating science and practical knowledge.

On the home page of the HenHub you can choose either to access the information on reducing feather pecking or information to optimize the transport and management of end-of-lay hens. The child pages for both topics are laid out similarly and comprise a menu (on a pc on the left side, on smaller devices at the top) and a text part in the middle and right side. The background behind the menu varies for the two topics. Each topic contains a list of publications which are accessible by language, by topic or alphabetically. Also the more popular publications are provided in a separate section with a small picture of the cover. Scientific publications are provided with a summary and, if open source, with a link to the full text.

Please take a look at the HenHub. We hope it will provide you with useful information. If you feel something is incorrect or missing, please let us know! The HenHub is a living knowledge base that can be adjusted to the needs of the users.